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Thank you for your interest.

I love building guitars and my philosophy is simple. Make amazing instruments that both look and sound exceptional for all players. My skills in this craft have evolved over the years and I love to be able to build guitars that give people the quality, playability, and all round beauty they seek both aurally and visually. I offer a variety of models to suit the customers needs in all things guitar and affordability.

A little about my journey so far...
I bought my first acoustic guitar when I was 18. Having been passionately into music for many years, I felt it was time I pursued this somehow. It didn't take me long to realise that my abilities as a musician were never going to make me any money! This coincided with the realisation that I was not suited to working in the world of statistics.
It was suggested to me that I should quit my unfulfilling course and pursue a more physical, suitable form of work such as carpentry and joinery. The idea of making furniture or houses didn't fill me with joy either. Then it came to me. Somebody had to make guitars.

In 2004 I attended some evening classes with Stephen Hill and was inspired. I then siezed the opportunity to go on to work with with Pablo Requena as his apprentice where the fire in my belly grew for this craft. It was an old style two-year apprenticeship that offered knowledge rather than money as payment and was a fantastic start to what is now my lifelong career . It transpired that I had a natural flare for the craft. My time with Pablo provided me with a great foundation of knowledge and skills which I continue to put to use and build upon today.
My first workshop was setup in 2008 in my mum's newly-converted garage. It was there I set about honing my skills and developing my own sound. After 5 years I moved my workshop to my own house in Bexhill-on-Sea where I still work today. 

I have been inspired by so many including the likes of Torres, Santos Hernandez, Hermann Hauser and Daniel Friederich. There is always so much to learn and making guitars continues to be an amazing journey. I have enjoyed refining my craftsmanship and continue to do so. I quite simply love guitar and it gives me the greatest pleasure to give guitarists a great tool.
My desire to build the best guitars has been encouraged along the way with opportunities presented to me by the renowned Kent Guitar Classics, founded by Miles Roberts, to get up close and personal with some inspiring makes such as Daniel Friederich and Hermann Hauser Guitars. I will forever be grateful for the enrichment Miles has provided and wish him a very happy retirement. I consider it a great achievment to have had my guitars stocked amongst such a fine collection. Together we also collaborated in the creation of the very successful Cadenza model.

I have enjoyed building guitars for many professional guitarists such as Paul Gregory, Juan Martin, Peter Stuart, Sean Shibe, Ian Watt, Andrew Gough, Allan Neave, Gaƫlle Solall, Pavel Ralev, Bridget Mermikides, Mark Eden and Raphaella Smits. I find it exciting to have my instruments finding homes internationally spanning every continent except Antartica!