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Daniel Friederich Replica

by Stephen Eden

A precise bench copy from a 1980 original

Stephen has always been an admirer of the Daniel Friederich sound and style.  When this particular Friederich guitar was encountered it was quite simply one of the most outstanding and impressive examples; so when the opportunity later came from the owner to produce a direct bench copy Stephen was very excited! Friederich's luthiery has been a big influence in the development of Stephen's own sound and approach over the years.


This replica is immediately impressive. Providing the player with a big commanding sound; with a distinguised depth of tone and long sustain.

The 7 fan strut bracing pattern of this guitar is entirely faithful to the original. An interesting feature of the construction of this model is that, although heavily braced, the detailed strut system is made from Cedar ( as opposed to more commonly used Spruce). This facilitates for a more rigid structure without excessive weight which is a key part to the tone and volume of this guitar. There is focus on the fundamental of the note being played while also controlling the overtones.


650mm scale
53mm nut
Wood always specially selected
Western Red Cedar
Indian Rosewood back and Sides
Rodgers L387 Light MoP Friederich Tuners
Resonance: Typically around G/G#  
All shellac french-polished
Hiscox pro II hard case included


"The Steve Eden, Daniel Friederich copy has all the qualities of my 1980 original, but also has the advantage of sounding as I imagine the Friederich would have sounded when new"


If you are interested in this replication or would like further information please do get in touch.

An opportunistic recording below with esteemed visiting guitarist Ian Watt.

We have plans to make more recordings on this model in 2024.